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Display of a Column Fountain (Bubbler)
We also carry pond liner, flexible PVC pipe, and pumps.

Concrete Benches (Curved and Straight) $65 each.

Concrete Bird Baths $50 each.

Some of our basalt column/bubbler rocks. Small Columns are $70 each, Regular Columns are $130 each and Large Columns are $300 each plus $30/foot for drilling.

Camas Gray Basalt Wall Rock. 25-75 pounds. $0.08 per pound.

Brown Basalt Wall Rock. 50 - 150 pound. $0.08 per pound.

Camas Gray Basalt Boulders (decorative rock) 200-800 pounds $0.10

Thinsplit Basalt $0.18 per pound

We also make these baskets of wall rock if you do not want to pick out your own rocks. The rocks in these baskets are also smaller and easier to manage. $0.10 per pound.

White crushed decorative rock. We also have a green color. Both are $0.12 per pound.

Rainbow Pebbles: 3/8", 1/2", 5/8", and 1 1/2" all are $0.12 per pound.

Rainbow Masons and Rainbow Boulders $0.18 per pound.

Classic Gold Select $0.25/lb.

Classic Gold