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Fresh Hemlock- Medium red, sliver-less barduskt.   $30 per yard

Dark Hemlock- Fine brown, sliver-less barkdust. $30 per yard

Fir Bark- Medium red barkdust. $27 per yard

Cedar Chips- Great for dog runs and play areas. The chips are cut at an angle so they do not hurt children. Will prevent fleas.  $35 per yard

Compost- Recycled yard debris that is used for a ground cover or mixed with existing soil. Too high in nitrogen too plant directly into. $22 per yard

Garden Mix- 2 parts compost, 1 part sand. Meant to till into existing soil. $26 per yard

3-Way Mix- 1 part compost, 1 part sand, and 1 part sandy loam. Safe to plant directly into. Great for gardens, flower beds, and vegetables.  $30 per yard

Sand- Washed river sand from the Columbia River. Safe for children and sand boxes.$30 per yard

Sandy Loam-  Silt off river bottom. DO NOT want to plant directly into. Meant to till into existing soil.     $35 per yard

1/4" Minus Gravel- Meant for paths and walkways. Also used as a base under flagstone patios.   $35 per yard

3/4" Minus Gravel- Meant for driveways and as a base underneath concrete. $35 per yard

Pea Gravel- Meant for paths and walkways.   $35 per yard

3/4" - 1 1/2" River Rock- Meant for landscaping and drainage.   $35 per yard

3"- 6" River Rock- Meant for landscaping and drainage.   $45 per yard

Camas Gray & Brown Basalt Wall Rock- Approximately 75- 150 pounds.  $0.08/ lb.

Palletized Wall Rock- Approximately 1,500 - 2,500 pound baskets. $0.10/lb.

Camas Gray Basalt Boulders- decorative boulders $0.10/lb.

Basalt Columns- Small = $70 each, Regular = $130 each, Large = $200 + $30/ ft for drilling.

We also have a wide selection of flagstone and sandstone for patios, as well as pebbles.